Monday, May 24, 2010

Thank you

Thanks to the wonderful Brenda Powers through the Big Fresh Newsletter I discovered this website which is nothing but Thank you notes.  Brought up on the idea that one should always write thank you notes, this blogger, Leah Dieterich, has a thank you note each day.  She thanks objects  as well as people, which is rather neat.  So today, I want to thank long weekends, days when the sun shines, the rewards of flowers planted long ago that bloom year after year surprising me like the Columbine in this picture. Thank you for books, almost any books because I enjoy reading so much. Thanks for friends who share Purdy's chocolate bars.  Thanks for kids who make me laugh.  So many things to be thankful for so I am putting this blog on my list so I don't forget about it when I am in a complaining mood.

As indicated before I have been busy moodling and encouraging my class to moodle as well.  One thing it does enable is my class to ask questions any time and since they are usually easy to answer it's not really a problem and I think they like it.  Now when they say they have lost an assignment they know they can check on the moodle site so no excuses.  There is still lots of old fashioned reading and writing going on in class and in homework assignments  but I figure this is another place for students to communicate in a focused way.  Notice we seem to have a new verb.

I am finishing this Monday morning and the sun is shining and I am barefoot so the outdoor furniture may actually go outside today.  Dressed warmly I managed to do a bit of gardening yesterday but it looks as if it could be more pleasant today.  Yeah!  Thank you!

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