Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back at school...

Always a shock to the system to go back to work after a two week vacation, but I think that as a teacher it is perhaps more of a shock than say, working in an office.  Teaching school is intense, at least if you teach at the grade six/seven level.  They have a lot of energy!  It's a transition for us all to be back.  Long ago I realized you need to start slowly after a holiday but I think I forgot my own advice Tuesday.  That may have been how I skipped a couple of units Monday in Grade Six math and neither the kids nor I noticed!

I also had those terrors of what do I teach next.  The creativity button didn't seem to turn on easily.  But I think I have myself more in gear.  I came up with a rather nice variation of a suggestion in the grade six social studies book.  My grade six students are happily researching and doing mock interviews of Canadian painters.  I stumbled on to a very nice website and let students each pick an artist who they will pretend to interview and then pick a favorite painting and then do a drawing in the style of their artist.  I will post the assignment here for you.  I am also moving into microscopes (something that I always rather dread as much as they love) with the grade six students.

Yesterday they began working on a scientific drawing of salal leaves (given to me when I was buying flowers at The Flower Factory) and then started using magnifying glasses to make more detailed drawing and what fun they were having...)  The Grade Sevens are into Egyptian projects and plaguing me for clay.  As well yesterday I met our artist in resident and soon the kids will be doing making clay masks.  My principal has also signed us up for a story telling project so the fun never ends.

 I signed up for a project to post a picture on facebook every day so I think I may put a few of my favorites here.  Please note that it is definitely the rainy season on the Wet Coast!  Now I think I will take a nap!

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