Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Assessment web series and professional resources

Well, it's been a busy week and it's only Tuesday night. Yesterday I was at Begbie talking about Assessment for Learning. Today I was at Magee discussing reading strategies in the content areas and this afternoon was our High School Literacy Coordinators meeting at the board. At all sites, I made reference to BCELC's webcast series on assessment. Here is the link where they are all archived so with the aid of your trusty computer (perhaps not yet at your worksite) you can watch at your leisure. You can see one of the speakers in person, Linda Kaser, at our upcoming Literacy Day as well. Also if you want my list of annotatated professional resources for high school teachers (that we bookwalked at Magee), just hit the link at the sidebar of this blog for my pbwiki. Many of the books I was giving away at the high school meeting have been annotated in this blog and you will find other book lists on the wiki. Well it's late, more later. Thanks all! And yes, it did snow once again. The fog has ended but I thought you would like this picture of Vancouver taken from the north shore mountains.

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