Saturday, January 31, 2009

Polar Worlds

Just saw a gorgeous new book today, Polar Worlds by naturalist and artist, Robert Bateman. As you know I have been spending a bit of time with books about penguins lately so this book caught my eye. It's perfect. I was at Once Upon a Huckleberry (Main on the west side just below 28th, around the corner from Solly's Bagels) for an event with author, Ashley Spires, who wrote Penguin and the Cupcake. And yes, thanks to Portia, the owner, I now possess finger puppets made by Ashley of the main characters in the book, Penguin, Walrus, and Polar Bear. I have to say this later literacy consultant's adventures into primary, have their advantages. Mind you I would have no hesitation discussing many of these books with older students. Just discovered that Once Upon a Huckleberry has book clubs for students, the newest will be for high school students. For coming events, download their newsletter from the website. Oh, and they have a writing contest going on as well.
For the few people who may actually read the blog, you may remember that I have a project with Aaron's class at Cavell going on Yeny and the Children for Peace (see Peace and Penguins blog). How serendipitous (new word perhaps) that Irma who goes to my fitness class is from Columbia so that now she is reading the book and will be visiting the class who are getting ready for an in depth interview with her.

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