Saturday, January 31, 2009

This I believe

If you were to write an essay about what you believe what would you write? I picked up a fascinating book of essays when I was at the NCTE conference. In 1951, Edward Morrow invited well known and unknown people to submit essays to be read on the radio on what they believed. Millions listened to these. Fifty years later the National Public Radio decided to do this again and still does, to encourage people to develop respect for different points of view. This first book of essays, This I Believe (there is now a second) is a collection of essays from the 50's and now. In the links I have given you, you can find guides to working with students to develop their own essays etc. At a recent workshop at Moberly, I used an essay by Bill Gates (it was really quite inspirational) to do a guided listening activity. The possibilities for this book with high school students are endless.
And before I forget, CBC has a This I Believe project as well where you can submit essays that may be read on air by Preston Manning on a program produced in Vancouver.