Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Penguins and Peace

Hmm... I resisted commenting on the inauguration but it was definitely a moment in time but on to other matters, books.
When I taught grade six there were occasions where I would think to myself,"They pay me to do this?" and of course, that wasn't when I was writing report cards. But there are times with this position, where I think that as well. For instance, how fun is it comparing a factual book on penguins to Penguin and The Cupcake with second graders at Van Horne?
As you know although my domaine for the last three years has been as Later Literacy Consultant grades 4-12, this year we changed our project somewhat so I focus particularly on six elementary schools k-7 so that I have been spending time with primary students (yes, I once was a primary teacher) and it is very fun.
I also have been meaning to comment on a wonderful book I have been doing with Aaron's grade four-five class at Cavell, Yenny and the Children for Peace by Michelle Muldar. This book is fictional but focuses on real life events in Columbia where children organized a Day of Peace, where no bombs, shootings, or kidnappings would occur.
I spent a period in Raza's grade eight science class at Gladstone and I must say they were quite a fun group as well.
Now for a bit of a promotion! On January 31 from 1:00 to 3:00 Ashley Spires, the author of Penguin and The Cupcake (I love this book and yes, it touches on global warming) will be doing an event at Once Upon a Huckleberry.   (I adore Kidsbooks, but it is kind of wonderful having a children's book store in my neighbourbood, on Main near 27th.
On February 21st at Once Upon a Huckleberry, there will be a Peace Carnival(a celebration like the one Yenny's friends and she organize in the book)with author, Michelle Muldar, there. Michelle  will also be doing a session at our Literacy Day on February 20th as well. I promise the unit on her book as well there. And we know that a certain world leader says we should all do our bit to change the world so I think I have brought us back to the beginning of this blog. Peace cupcakes, anyone?

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