Saturday, April 4, 2009

And yes it's almost Easter...

Someone asked me how I managed to have time to do this blog. To be honest, I don't but as I said I try to make it my Saturday morning habit. Now you should see all the undone items on my to do list! Choice Literacy's newsletter this week is on list making.
A week in review-Cherry Blossom Festival event at Van Deusen last weekend but no cherry blossoms. But now I see them starting to bloom so hopefully the warmer weekend weather will help. I bought myself a book on all the different type of cherry blossom trees in Vancouver and where to find some of them. My Washington D.C. correspondent informed me they were at their height last weekend there. In case you haven't noticed this former Quebecer loves living in a place where cherry trees readily grow and blossom.
Time always seems to start speeding away after March break, doesn't it. One highlight for me this week were having the opportunity to spend a morning in a class at UBC, having my mind stretched debriefing an article on analyzing beginning teachers' discourse on teaching students with English as an additional language and tackling a case study about a staff who feels they have had a district initiative thrust on them by their new principal and teasing out the issue, factors, and a course of action.
Another highlight was being invited to a six traits write study group and watching its enthusiastic members work out how to create shared six traits picture book bins.
Working with children and their teachers is always a highlight and I saw one class of really enthusiastic writers in Sousana Demeris' grade three class at Moberly. I also loved the excitement in Elena Bodnaruk's class at Waverley when I got to give poems away from Rebecca Kaidotlich's book Lemonade Days and Other Summer Poems. I think at this time of year we all dream of summer a bit.
Last night I went to hear Anne Michaels author of Fugitive Pieces read from her new book, The Winter Vault. It's always interesting to see the author behind the book. I haven't read her new book yet but it's on my list.
Literacy Day 2010! Jodi and Barb have been hard at work with plans for this. The event will be February 1st at the Italian Cultural Centre (note this is not the day that high schools have taken for their district day). Speakers will be Debbie Miller(Teaching with Intention) and Michelle Kelley and Nicki Clausen-Grace (Comprehension Shouldn't be Silent). More details will be coming your way very soon.
And now it's time to enjoy hopefully spring weather...

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