Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

And it looks like a nice one out there! My blogging is behind! I will blame it on the International Reading Association leadership workshop I attended Saturday. But I felt compelled to write on Earth Day and as we know it is poetry month so I do have a poem for you! My Green Grandfather by Janet Wong. And do I have a connection! My father was the king of recycling. Nothing went to waste. He always composted. He didn't like big motor boats. I was thinking that if he was alive he would be strangely "in" now. It looks like a beautiful day so enjoy! The daffodils are from my garden!


Gregory K. said...

I didn't have that same connection to Janet Wong's poem... but I still felt connected to it, if that makes sense. That's what her poetry always does to me, I think.

And thanks for linking to the poem....

meredyth kezar said...

I think your website is such a terrific resource for teachers and what a great poem for Earth Day!
Also it was great to see one of our local poets, Avis's new book. Are you familiar with Bob Heidbreder's work? He is another of our local kids' poets.