Saturday, April 4, 2009

Teacher Librarians

I promised our teacher librarian consultant I would write about an incident in my blog. The other day I was in a school for a visit and decided to do an impromptu lesson on the Three R's (Read to self, read to another, and writing) with a grade six/seven class. Most of the class didn't happen to have a library book so I ran to the library and asked if there was any way the class could get books. The library already had a class there on a book exchange but the gracious Pam Moulton of Waverley said they could come in. I was amazed that while she was checking out the other class books, she was helping the new class make book selections. She knew each student's reading level and preferences! I have and always will be a fan of our stellar teacher-librarians like Pam. And guess who else likes libraries and of course, librarians (note this column's picture)? This comes from the teacherninjas blog which is one all librarians will enjoy. And I also have a song to go out to all you teacher-librarians (and any public librarians who come across this blog).
And speaking of libraries, just a reminder that there will be the LOMCIRA AGM where we are looking at the work of Donald Leu over a glass of wine on April 23 at the new green Charles Dickens School where Cheri, their gracious teacher librarian is lending us her library. For details just visit my other blog.