Saturday, September 20, 2014

How one family baked to help local teachers!

I have read so many wonderful stories during the very long teachers'  strike that just ended.  It was as if there were sparks of light in the darkness.  This was one of my favourite stories from BC Voters Supporting BC Teachers and Public Education.  I am quoting Brooke Vasconseles and using her name only with her permission that this may inspire others to support/affect change.  Her note is addressed to teachers.

"Whatever you choose to vote today, you have my support completely. My 3 kids and I wanted to show appreciation for your efforts and support for your hardship fund and I wanted to let you guys know how it went. 

We offered to bake and sell some chocolate chip cookies as a fundraiser and the response was overwhelming. We spent a week in the kitchen and sold over 700 cookies! I wrote a cheque for $581 yesterday and we dropped it at our local Teachers Association office for deposit into the hardship fund. 

I have been awakened to the state of our public school system and the efforts of the teachers in it to provide my kids with the education that they deserve.

 I won't stop at baking cookies. I hope that this page remains open and continues to unify us in our efforts to better the conditions for our teachers and children. In short: thank you, thank you, thank you."
When I told a friend that it had been hard on teachers not being paid for five weeks plus, she answered that since they were on strike no wonder they were not paid.  I assured her that no teacher I knew would sooner be on a picket line than in a classroom teaching, but they felt that this was what they had to do.  Thanks to people like Brooke who really empathized and were patient, and supportive! 

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