Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What Can the British Columbia government afford if not education?

This is an excellent summation of questions to ask the BC Liberal government when they say they can't afford to properly fund education and end the teacher strike with binding arbitration. This summary was done by a BC teacher, Lizanne Foster

Questions to ask about the new spin on the affordability zone:
1. If fiscal austerity is so important to this government, why did it increase the debt by $20billion since it took office?
2. Why are high salaries for CEOs of BC Ferries, BC Hydro justified with the "attract the best" argument but teachers, who educate future CEOs, are the second lowest paid in the country?
3. How is the payment of $750million for a legal mess that Powerex created affordable for taxpayers when funding public education adequately is not?
4. Can taxpayers get a refund of the $514million now that BC Stadium roof leaks?
5. Why is an immediate 18% increase in MLA salaries justified but a 7.5% increase in teachers' salaries over 5 years is not?

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