Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Six Year olds weigh in on social justice and the teachers' strike

from a Grade One class this spring
I read another great post today on BC Voters supporting BC teachers and public education and asked Elena, the author (university professor and parent) if I could share it here.

Overhearing our conversation about the strike (as we drove by our kids' school with the teachers picketing), one of my kids asked: "Does Christy Clark have kids?" 
 Yes, a boy. 
"So he isn't in school either, right? He must also be excited to be going back to school, right?" 
 I am not making this up. The conversation occurred this morning.
So far, we didn't offer the kids (six-year-old twins) complex socioeconomic analyses of the teachers' strike. So my husband decided to open up the can of worms and explained that, well, her son is in school, because there are schools that stay open during strikes for those who pay extra money. "But if you don't have the extra money?" came the logical question. -- Well, then you don't go to school. "That's not fair. You're supposed to share."
Conclusion: If six-year-olds get the basics of social justice, then where would one peg the intellectual level of the BC Liberals?

Elena Pnevmonidou

Choosing to send your child to a private school is a right of a parent, but obviously if you have less income you have less options. Parents who send their children to private school  pay public school taxes as well as these fees, but private schools are funded partially by tax payers' money as well. The school in Bountiful, a centre of controversy, is a funded private school.
  Also parents who send children to private school are often encouraged to make generous donations to these schools that are tax deductible. Public schools take everyone who wants to go; private schools do not.  Many many parents are barely scraping by financially and don't have money to make additional financial contributions then already required by the public school.
And one can not but wonder that if your child goes to public school you may care more deeply about public education, the right of every child, and the best investment anyone can make, in my opinion.


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