Sunday, September 7, 2014

Trying to find a way to help BC's public school education

True confessions!  I feel guilty when I spend too much time on Facebook!  I didn't really spend much time on Facebook until I retired.  I was far too busy, marking, prepping, teaching, coaching, keeping up my class blog and moodle site plus trying to have something of a life.  But when I retired last year, some time was freed and I discovered just how fun Facebook could be.  I joined some interesting groups, I found I could follow interesting sites like The Atlantic, I could post my pictures and people would like them etc.  I also had a twitter account but that really didn't really excite me too much.

But this week I have just become more and more frustrated as the teachers' strike in British Columbia drags on and then this weekend when the BCTF's attempt to get the government to agree to binding arbitration failed, I really got angry.  Today I gave myself permission to focus on this and try to use social media as much as possible.  I tried to think of creative solutions.  I am noticing that my sentences seem to be getting shorter.  I think that is due to trying to keep the word count down twittering.  I notice my fingers are tired (kind of like when I used to cram for piano practical exams).

It's been quite a day!  Talk about online collaboration!  Just read a summary of what we learned about tweeting on my new favourite Facebook page.  Who knows how much was accomplished but at least I thought I was trying to do something other than deliver treats to picket lines.  Plus I was becoming obsessed and figured I could spend a few hours focused on this today!

I have been feeling as if the public school teachers in BC were locked in a room without a key and now without a door.  I kept thinking there have to be other ways we can unlock the door.  I came up with great ideas but not so easy to realize-e.g. BC celebrities standing up for teachers the way Raffi has.  I have sent out tweets, others have-now to see if we get anywhere!  I mean celebrities have a heck of a lot more followers than I do.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if BC celebrities made a video in support of public education.  Where is Matt Damon when you need him???  I keep thinking well social media got Obama elected.

I was watching a program on TV last night-where someone used the strategy of just listening to voters rather than trying to convince them of anything-I think we need to listen closely-not react-listen-because some people seem awfully angry about teachers-worried about their taxes going up if education properly funded.  Supporters of teachers need to disarm the critics…  I just keep thinking…but surely if enough of us keep thinking…

I just read this this morning and it's an excellent synopsis of the current situation.

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Super Busy said...

Well said, Meredyth. I feel and think the same way. I am excited that some students are organizing a Book-in on the field of Hamber Secondary school on Monday morning at 9 am. Let's invite our students to our fields and playgrounds and Write letters to the MLAs - especially Liberal MLAs - to let them know how Important it is to get schools OPEN and to settle this dispute.