Thursday, February 7, 2008

ASCD-I almost need to advertise

One of the bonuses of taking this position was learning about ASCD and realizing I really needed to join. As many of you know I am a long time member of the International Reading Association and I feel as if all schools should have someone with a membership. Whenever I go into Cavell Elementary it is so great to see The Reading Teacher journals in the staffroom where staff can access them.

For more general educational information I have to say I love ASCD's Educational Leadership where each issue focuses on some theme or subject area in education with excellent articles. Today I received my ASCD express which focused on parents and I figured out how I could give you access to this express edition as well as past ones. Happy reading!


Moira Ekdahl said...

Hi Meredyth:

My congratulations on this blog. It's great.

I am awaiting your synopsis of Literacy Day at Killarney ... and seeing if I can start the conversation piece on your blog by using the Comments feature.

meredyth kezar said...

I have been away for the weekend and without internet so I haven't done my piece yet on Literacy Day! Thanks for your comment!

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