Saturday, February 16, 2008

Three Cups of Tea

In an earlier posting, New Books for Adult Reading, I mentioned the book Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. I just finished reading it. What an inspiring story! Many of us feel frustrated by the state of the world but here is a man who has done something about it, one child at a time by building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. This is a must read. On the website you can also find out information about a project for children called Pennies for Peace. Just before this I read The Sleeping Budhha by Hamida Ghafour, an excellent book which gives you the history and current situation in Afghanistan interwoven with her own family history. One of the parts of teaching grade six that I enjoyed most was the ability to get my students thinking about the larger world and how they could help. Just after 911, my students and I discovered Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis which helped us understand a little bit of this situation. And of course another wonderful way to help our students understand and help the world is through UNICEF. Just contact Paula Gallo, our BC Manager for Development for more information at 604-874-3666 for workshops and how to get your students involved here in B.C.

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