Sunday, February 24, 2008

Now what is the main idea?

Okay! I admit it! I am watching the Oscars. You have to know I loved Juno but not heavy enough to win this year's Oscar! More miracles of technology as they announce Oscar winners from Baghdad! The winning song was from another excellent movie, Once, which you must see if you haven't!
One thing I like to find are great links. Here is one great link from the National Writing Project where you can find some interesting articles and resources. Someone told me she was afraid to read my blog because hours might pass as she hit my links. I am just reading Anita Shreve's Body Surfing, set in a former nunnery on the coast of New Hampshire. I have read a couple of her other novels set in this same house at different points in history-the most famous probably being Oprah's pick, The Pilot's Wife. Last weekend I read The Friday Night Knitting Club, not that I have knitted anything since I was a teeenager, but the book was set in New York City so it was a bit of nice trip with a cozy book.
Back on track, I was reading up on determining importance in the second edition of Mosaic of Thought this week, and it was noted how hard it sometimes is to find what's important in our own lives let alone a paragraph. As I looked around the many articles and open books around my cubicle it seemed to reinforce that idea. Just preparing a workshop on picture books and teaching writing traits, again I wondered what are the most important ideas I would want someone to come away with from the workshop? Obvious or not? Picture books are good for all ages for one thing! And that leads me to a wonderful new picture book, Shaun Tan's The Red Tree. It's beautiful! And to end, Lois Lowry (The Giver) and Melanie Watt(Scaredy Squirrel) and Mo Willems(Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus) are coming to visit Kidsbooks very soon so check it out!

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