Wednesday, February 13, 2008

web seminar on reluctant readers

Since I am very quilty of multi-tasking I am currently listening to a archived web seminar on When Kids Won’t Read: What Can Teachers Do?, featuring Teri Lesesne who is one of the leading experts on literature for children and adolescents. This is great and you can access this free as well. I think the easiest thing is to go to the NCTE Inbox Blog and just follow the links. You actually download the webcast.

Again here is the link to the latest NCTE Inbox. There will be another web seminar with Douglas Fisher on "All Teachers are Teachers of Reading But..." again sign up or getting the archived webcast is free! Really there are marvels technologically these days! In the inbox is lots of information about great ideas about celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday from primary to secondary-great lessons etc.

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