Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I just read Click by a whole ton of writers. Linda Sue Park sets the stage with a girl mourning the death of her grandfather, a famous photographer. From her beginning with a gift that will take her to all the major continents, and the third chapter by Eoin Colfer(Artemis Fowl) who focuses on her brother the story spins out. Each of the award winning authors (both adult and children, though they all all popular authors with young adults) writes a chapter leading into interesting directions with Gregory Maguire tying up the pieces. I have to say I loved it and what a great example of how different authors take their own styles into the story. I am trying to think which was my favorite. I rather liked Ruth Ozeki's description of post war Japan. She is the author of last year Vancouver Reads winner, My Year of Meats. Trust Deborah Ellis to set hers in a prison, Russia, this time. I loved the international cast of writers who write in a variety of genres. And it is obvious that each writer did read all the preceding chapters. Not always quite believable but one has to make some artistic allowances! Grandpa definitely got around! Audience: Young Adult

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