Sunday, February 10, 2008

Literacy Day etc.

Friday we had a very successful Literacy Day with about 800 participants. Thanks to all the great presenters and attendees. Special thanks to our wonderful hosts at Killarney. And of course thanks to all the members of the VSB Literacy Team who organized and took care of many unseen details. Also thanks to our publishers who make this day even more fun!

Our keynotes were incredibly popular. Not surprising as Marvellous Mini-Lessons and The Write Genre have been favorite books in the project. I think there sessions showed even more clearly that having successful writing workshops in your classrooms, whatever level, are actually fun and not that complicated to execute successfully. If you would like to learn more please visit their websites. This is Lori's and this is the link to Paul's.

On a personal note I spent the weekend in Chemainus which included seeing a great one woman show Piaf Tonight. On a reading note, I just read the 2006 Newbery Award Winner, Criss Cross which I quite enjoyed.